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Personal Wisdom Awakenings

 A Wisdom Quest is a celebrated ancient rite of passage and sacred practice, leading people to purposeful and heartful living. Manex Ibar began guiding people through Vision Quests in the summer of 2008. With over 10 years of experience and having led over 500 people through this powerful journey, Manex has created a more modern and accessible version of the Vision Quest he calls the Wisdom Quest. Taking place over 9 days, you have the opportunity to call in a renewed perspective of life, yourself, your relations, and your actions. Questers gain inner wisdom and clarity, a strong spiritual practice with nature, and a deeper perception of themselves. The entire process is life-changing.


Manex began the initiation into Shamanism at 14 years old. He held sweat lodge ceremonies by 21, and lead clairvoyant and vision quest workshops by the age of 30. He has studied and apprenticed through 6 lineages of spiritual practice and gained wisdom through his own personal experience of death. Manex draws inspiration from his teachers and lineages, as well as his own deep source connection and clairvoyant gifts. He often retreats into the mountains to commune with nature and his higher self, and to gain clarity and insights after deep periods of solitude in meditation. Manex engages a deep Source connection and shares efficient techniques and secrets that will help cultivate your personal connection to Source, leading you to higher consciousness and awareness of your patterns, biological mechanics, and inherent wisdom.


When you feel the call for a Wisdom Quest, you have several ways to answer. You can embark on a Quest in a seasonal group, or you may choose to gather a small group of family, friends, or coworkers to begin this journey together. Each has its own advantages, while the essence of the work remains in deep transformation. Escaping from daily routines and habitual thinking and attuning to pure source awareness naturally creates deep change. Welcome to the journey of heart awakening, source connection, and a life of purpose and joyful action.

What is a Wisdom Quest?

A Rite of Passage

The Wisdom Quest is Manex Ibar’s modern interpretation of the traditional Lakota Sioux Vision Quest, one of the 7 sacred rites given by White Buffalo Woman who appeared as a savior prophet just like Jesus, or Mohamed, or Budha. Manex was taught by Lakota spiritual leader Archie Fire Lame Deer and druid Jaky Baily, as well as master scientist, shaman, and white house environmentalist John P. Milton. Milton also encourages solo time in nature to bring higher optimization to CEO’s of America’s fortune 500. After being taught to hold his own initiations and retreats in the Basque Pyrenees, Manex added to the process allowing for a modern version of this ancient rite of passage to evolve and facilitating powerful shifts in awareness and personal wisdom for people from all over the world..

Throughout the history of the world and dating back through time, we have used nature as a way of gaining insight, wisdom, and power. Immersion into nature is a rite of passage, a sacred initiation, and a way of accessing our deeper self.  It’s a deep place of inspiration that teaches us how to access our inner-essence, strengthen our connection to source, and awaken our inner wisdom.  This enables the expression of our own creative uniqueness to manifest opulently and deliberately. Our prophets (Jesus, Moses, Muhamed, Budha, etc) all immersed themselves in Nature to access their awakening, as did many of our influential and popular artists, scientists, leaders, and revolutionary guides.

The Wisdom Quest is a life-changing experience designed from a combination of indigenous and shamanic knowledge combined with modern teaching modalities, giving the modern world access to this life-empowering experience. It is imperative that we reconnect with nature and to our deeper sense of self-awareness so our missions become aligned with the greater picture. It is crucial that we re-balance ourselves, as we are threatened by the negative power of the mind. Gaining inner wisdom is inherently connected to the innate wisdom of the universe, and is what helps great leaders propel our world in an inspired direction. The Wisdom Quest serves as a platform for this positive change and transformation, awakening leaders, prophets, and visionaries.

All people from 14-80 years old can embark on and enjoy this tremendously beneficial and powerful experience.

Do you feel the call?



Based on a combination of tools such as Human Design and other modern self-development techniques, indigenous science, and several lineages of teachings that establish Nature as a pathway to liberation, our guides provide engaging and life-changing knowledge that will alter your view of reality. The teachings, designed by Manex Ibar, provide in-depth tools and techniques to gain clarity, connect to our personal wisdom and cultivate Source connection and awareness. Accompanied by the Living Shamanism Oracle Tarot Card deck, the teachings will remain with you throughout the experience and long after.

Nature Solo

This is the profound experience of letting go into yourself. Surrounded by pristine beauty and disconnected from all the noise, technology, and daily responsibilities, you are removed from the madness of our current world and are able to truly connect and gain clarity from the stillness. The Nature Solo is the key foundational piece in the Wisdom Quest, allowing time and space to create the perfect transformational environment. Retreating in sacred places, participants gain tremendous tranquility, inner confidence, and personal wisdom.



Ceremonies allow us to travel through a conscious shift based on a physical setting and circumstance, thus allowing Spirit to navigate, operate, and communicate. On the Wisdom Quest, participants will have the opportunity to experience several ceremonies that will engage them in exploring and facing new challenges, ultimately bringing them into new conscious awareness. Ceremonies foster states of being that alter our perspectives, senses, and connection to life. Together, we will experience a Sweat Lodge, Plant Ceremonies, Drum Journeys, and other rituals that will open the senses and deepen our connection to nature and spirit.

Is it Useful in Modern Times?

Digitally Unplug & Connect To Source

In the modern world, the western way of thinking has almost taken over entirely, and sadly, we have lost the sense of sacredness, forgotten the search for wisdom, and taken for granted our intrinsic connection to nature. It is not difficult to see our society’s dis-ease in its way of destruction and pollution of our home planet. This imbalance is also reflected in the increase of neurological and immunological diseases, our mal-nutrition, and highly addictive behavior to technology and substances. We have lost what it means to be human, forgetting the extraordinary wonders that we truly are.

Most of us find ourselves trapped in the 9-5 job routine doing something we don’t like, or lack passion and direction, and because of too much success we feel empty and search for more to fill the void that sits within.  We bury ourselves through business endeavors, social events, family routines, daily responsibilities, and so forth. we “over-busy” our lives with noise that does not fulfill our soul’s aching.  We crave the silence to hear the desires of our heart, develop our intuition, and connect (or reconnect) with our creative genius and innate wisdom that we touched upon as children.

We live in a society in which we lack rituals and initiations that attune to the proper development of a human. We all undergo phases of deliberate transformation in our evolution from infant to elder, and the initiation into these intentional steps of becoming whole are important parts of a life with meaning and wholesome connection. Wisdom Quests offer a safe rite of passage onto a path of the heart, courage, and clarity. It is a dire tool for our world, and we truly hope more people recognize the importance of this experience as a sacred practice and essential journey towards creating real meaning in our lives, joining us in the adventure for a better world and greater awareness.

Why a Wisdom Quest?

Gain Wisdom & Individualization

Why is not the question, why is the answer! Why are you here? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

The question “why” develops the fundamental purpose and mission that we as humans need to answer in order to successfully apply ourselves. Why do we exist, who are we, and what should we do about it?

Most of our education, religious teachings, and athletic institutions don’t help us understand these fundamental questions. Understanding your true purpose and knowing how to reconnect when life throws you a curve ball are two essential keys to success in work, relationships, and daily life.

We all need time to reflect on our lives, clear old patterns and habits, and inspire new goals for the future. Wisdom Quests enable us the space to draw on powerful teachings and ceremonies, helping us connect to source and clear blockages that prevent our full potential and joy.

A better question may be why NOT do a Wisdom Quest?

How do I Join?

Dive In, Discover your Magic

If you feel the call to do a Wisdom Quest and explore the depths of your divine connection to nature and inner wisdom, please contact us via email so we can begin to speak about your Quest and answer any questions. Together, we can decide the best path for you.

Welcome to your journey. We are glad you’re here.

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