The Process

You’ve just learned about this powerful self-realization journey- or perhaps it was recommended to you by a friend or family member- but now, even after reading about the Wisdom Quest, you’re still wanting to know more.

Below, you will find an outline of the process from the initial call to your reintegration into the world.



Having the call for a Wisdom Quest is special, and happens when something from deep inside us awakens a desire for more than what our superficial society has to offer. It is a longing to connect to something bigger and step into the greater meaning of why we’re here, who we are, and what we can do to live our best lives.  The call begins with the investigation and eventually comes to a place of contact.



“There is the way of Nature and we exist by its laws, whether we separate ourselves with our ego, we always come back to it by our death.”



Contact us to begin the dialogue of what best suits your needs (or your group or team needs), and we can begin the process of gatekeeping. Through a series of questions,  we will help you define the experience, rationalize certain fears, and begin to let go of your beliefs, fears, and perceptions of yourself.


Once you have reached out,  we will begin the process of gatekeeping.  Traditionally, this process was used for gaining clarity, creating intent, and beginning physical preparations before committing to the experience.  This allows for questions to be answers on both sides.  This is a space for communication, evaluation, and setting of expectations and intentions.


Wisdom begins by knowing thyself” – Aristotle


For gatekeeping, you will be guided towards the appropriate contact person who will conduct the interview process.  This ensures that all participants are qualified and are of good physical, psychological, and spiritual standing.  Wisdom Quests allow for a certain healing to occur, but all things must be discussed and taken into consideration, as perhaps different provisions, equipment, and preparations will be accommodated.  This is where the Wisdom Quest begins.


We draw guidance from several belief systems, indigenous tribes, and modern tools to help you enter into a profound connection with source. The teachings are a combination of Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Dzogchen, and the Way of Nature, indigenous knowledge from the Lakota, Shoshone, Queros, and Algonquin tribes, and modern tools like Human Design, genetics, and the Sphinx Code.


The diversity of the teachings give an incredible breadth of information to help you discover your own path, allowing for direct connection to your inner wisdom and creative potential.  These tools are proven to help your transformation and will guide you on your nature solo.  Much of this sacred and spiritual knowledge has been passed down from the wise elders and has been studied for centuries.


Using the Living Shamanism Oracle cards as a base for the teachings, you will also learn Qi-Gong, meditations, and sensory opening exercises.  You will learn your Human Design bodygraph and your Birth Cards from the Sphinx Code.  These teachings will culminate during your Nature immersion as you dive in and find your true Source connection.


Diving deep requires solitude in pristine and sacred natural environments.  The Nature solo is at the heart of the Wisdom Quest and takes place in the beautiful Basque Pyrenees. Going into nature allows you to spend time with yourself, purging other people’s energy, thoughts, emotions, and regaining your sense of wonder, innocence, and inner-child connection. It is in nature that you will experience a rebirth of your creative flow and inner wisdom.  Surrounded by pure nature, you allow the cleansing of your energetic field, subconsciousness, and emotional and mental planes.   It’s deeply liberating.


The ones who are brave are the free” – Senac


Immersed in the purity of nature, one gains access to the sacredness of Source.  Through the teachings of the Wisdom Quest, open senses allow for a newfound sense of awareness, connection, and vitality.



Several ceremonies are involved in the transformation process of the Wisdom Quest: a sweat lodge, a sensory deprivation walk to awaken the third eye, a Fire breath ritual, and various other ceremonies are gifts that we use to go deeper into the self. Once the quester has cleansed through the Nature immersion, fasting, and energy cultivation; plants can be used accordingly to access a higher frequency and connect to more consciousness.

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