BEYOND the Wisdom Quest…

Your first Wisdom Quest left you wanting more, yearning to go deeper than you already have and continue to unlock and uncover the secrets of yourself and the world…


So where do you go from there?

After your first Wisdom Quest, you will see that this is not so much of a singular Quest as it is the beginning of a long journey, lifestyle, and spiritual practice. Many people leave already wanting to return and embark on another Wisdom Quest, and many elders of the Quest wish for the opportunity to lead and guide others in their search for wisdom and Source connection.


Here, you will discover how you can continue this sacred way of living and deepen your relationship with yourself, with the Wisdom Quest, and with nature and spirit.

Quests with Longer Nature Solos

Return to the Basque Pyrenees for a 7, 14, 22, or 44-day Nature Solo during your Wisdom Quest. This is a true test of the ego-mind and pushes the limits and boundaries you put on yourself. Get to know the darkest crevices of your mind and the greatest callings of your heart. Face your deepest fears and reach your highest potential.

Clairessence Meditation Series

Expand your mind and exercise your clairvoyance with the Clairessence Meditations.

Based on medical and scientific research conducted over the last 35 years, this set of guided visualizations is an incredible toolkit for self-evaluation and personal energetic hygiene.

This system is a vessel that offers us a way to come into relation with the energy of ourselves, the Earth, the Cosmos, and more.  There are no rules- simply creativity, playfulness, and practice.

Learn to Guide Wisdom Quests

For those who wish to begin the journey of becoming a Wisdom Quest guide, we offer a 3-year program of learning rituals, techniques, teachings, initiations, clairvoyance, and self-discovery. You will begin by working up to the 44 day Nature Solo initiation, and will apprentice under Manex Ibar, guiding your own Wisdom Quests under his instruction as the final chapter of your learning.

Get Wild!

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