Manex Ibar’s Fréquence Chakra Oils

Manex Ibar’s Fréquence Chakra Oils

As an internationally recognized shaman and energy healer, Manex Ibar has used essential oils in his practices and sessions for more than 15 years. Working with Human Design and the nine chakras, or energy centers (since we as humans have evolved from being previously 7-centered beings), Manex recognized the need for oils that aligned the frequencies of each individual chakra, developing his line of essential oils that heal, balance, restore, and optimize your energy centers. Together, Fréquence oils provide a full spectrum of support for the chakras. He uses these chakra essence oils during personal healing sessions, sweat lodge ceremonies, and in daily life.
The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York interviewed Manex about Fréquence Chakra Essence Oils, touching on the significance of his work as a shaman, the differences between the oils, his recommendation for use and application, and personal rituals or practices involving essential oils. Below are excerpts with a few questions and answers of the interview.


How has your shamanic and Human Design work informed the creation of these oils?

Both fields played a huge role in the creation of these specially blended oils. With over 22 years of shamanic experiences, plants have played a big part in my life, ranging from the use of delicate flower essences, essential oils, and fumigation (burning plants like sage and copal) to ceremonies involving powerful shamanic plants like ayahuasca, san pedro, and fungi. Over time, I have developed a very powerful personal connection to plants and their use in bringing us back to harmony with ourselves and nature. I have been studying and using Human Design for 10 years, and the knowledge of the energetic system, chakras, and energy patterns has depend my understanding of the mechanics of energy.

Having always used a combination of essential oils in my personal sessions, I saw the need for a line of oils that aligned with each chakra’s frequency. With my combination of knowledge on plants and our energetic systems gained from my shamanic experiences with plants and Human Design teachings, I was able to create a unique product – chakra essence oils.


How do these oils bring balance to our vital energy centers?

In simple terms, the frequency of each oil matches the frequency of each energy center. Through resonance, this supports the wellbeing of each chakra. Each chakra has several different frequencies, which can be seen in a Human Design bodygraph, where each chakra has different connections linked to our our specific genetics. Our chakras fluctuate while they interpret the energetic information in our daily experiences, vibrating at different frequencies as they process. Each plant in the blend corresponds to a specific frequency of each chakra within the endocrine system. By combining several plants into one oil, we are able to support the full spectrum of frequencies for each chakra, allowing us to stay aligned and balanced.

Throughout our lives, there are many factors that condition us to function inappropriately which throws our chakras out of alignment. These oils help create a supportive and sustainable energetic field that aligns and empowers each chakra, giving it the energy needed to heal, balance, and energize itself. Through continued use (at least 21 days) the energy center begins to work efficiently in its natural way, having support from the plants in each bottle. The oils also help clear emotions, psychological blocks, and physical symptoms of illness all relating to energetics.

More and more, scientists are finding that our physical function is based on an energetic reality. This was first unveiled by quantum physics, and is now being proven by several ongoing experiments. In Western science and thought, our knowledge of energy is very limited, while in the eastern traditions, all has been well documented. It is time for science to catch up to the essence of being, or energetic consciousness. Energetic consciousness is the basis of our vital energy centers, and these chakra essence oils are a fundamental energetic medicine that help us return to balance.

(read the full interview here.)



How can essential oils raise your frequency and bring you into optimal alignment? We can start by remembering that everything in the universe is energy, and everything has an energetic frequency. And while we all have energy and a frequency, our frequencies are not all the same. The vibrational frequency of emotions and thoughts vary, as do the frequencies of people, plants, and animals. While we all may be different, sometimes, we are out of tune (or out of alignment) with our own personal frequency. Our frequency is affected by our thoughts, emotions, physical health (what we eat),  and where we live (pollutants in the air). This is where essential oils come in hand.
Below is a collection of quotes and excerpts from Aroma Wealth (full site found here).




“Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.”


“A higher biometric frequency encourages our body to regenerate damaged cells, build a higher immune defense to viruses as well as sustain energy vitality.”


Essential oils in the higher frequency ranges are great for emotional healing. They are helpful for dislodging past traumas for release. They can also help you with opening your heart (apply rose essential oil over your heart chakra) and with spiritual alignment (apply sacred frankincense on your crown chakra). Not surprisingly, many people report of experiencing an uplifted state after using essential oils.


Essential oils in the lower frequencies have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones, and bones, as well as viruses and bacteria. They help to clear out the toxins. Toxins are not able to thrive in a high frequency environment.


The vibrational frequency of an essential oil reflects the bio-energy or life force that is embodied. Maintaining the integrity of its composition becomes crucial. It factors into the oil’s potential therapeutic value.

(to read the full article on the benefits of essential oils, click here.)


Using essential oils in a daily routine can evoke big shifts in your mental clarity, emotional well-being, and physical health. Fréquence chakra essence oils assist in all aspects of life, allowing us to process the stress of emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges that arise daily.
If you have the oils, you can discover your unique Fréquence by following your instinct and picking 2 -3 numbers or words, and experience the energetic power of these unique oil synergies. Or, allow yourself to experience and evoke daily changes through using the entire set, inspiring and creating energetic support in all aspects of your life.


Fréquence oils can be found on the Alchemist’s Kitchen, or directly from the Fréquence website, found here.


Regain balance, vitality, and optimization, and enjoy the feeling of being divinely supported by nature’s essence.


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