NewZealand WisdomQuest


Join the New Zealand Wisdom Quest and go deeper into the Magic of Nature Intelligence. Reboot and recharge your entire system, and inspire your life with new wisdom, creativity, and clarity.  Gain tremendous insight into your purpose, skills, and inner wisdom.


Join a truly life changing experience in the magical mountains of New Zealand, exploring the Lord of the Rings lands, with a modern shamanic rite of passage into nature intelligence.  Recharge, transform, and elevate your performance with powerful and proven teachings that will help you understand and shift into your highest expression of yourself.  

Throughout time, our prophets, leaders, and influencers of change had one aspect in common – they immersed themselves in nature to be inspired to their core.  Our ancestors used nature immersion (being in. Autre alone for several days) as a means to gain purpose, clarity, and maturity towards attaining wisdom and aligned action! 

As a modern rite of passage, manex and victoria guide you through a powerful shift of personal wisdom, activating your inner gifts and power, so that you can join the emerging leaders that are needed for our new earth.  Plugging back into nature intelligence awakens our higher genetics, cleanses our conditioned thinking and allows for incredible creativity to innovate change and solutions for a constructive future, whether personal or collective.

Join the New Zealand wisdom quest and be dropped off by helicopter in a remote power location where Nature’s Intelligence can guide you to your elevated dates of consciousness so that you can achieve your greatness.

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